Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 76

Well, it's a new transfer, and I have an AWESOME new companion! So she is so cool. Sister Graham is from Herriman, Utah, and she is a dancer. She is also a cosmetologist! She served in Palm Harbor before coming here, and she LOVES missionary work. She is so charitable and humble, and she is so
loving. She is truly incredible, and I love her tons!

So the worldwide Missionary Broadcast was last Wednesday: 1 hr and 45 min of it was spent talking more about our purpose to teach repentance and baptize converts, and then the last 15 minutes, they talked about schedule changes.  It's really different because now we are doing lunch, companion study, and dinner at a time that works best in our schedule, throughout the day. Weird! I like it, though. They also changed the key indicators. Baptized and confirmed (as 1 key indicator), date sets, sacrament meeting, and new investigators are the only key indicators we have and report on now.

Sister Graham is helping me increase my faith to find. Oh, we had some members let us know they were bringing some people to church next week! So that is incredible. Miracles happen! We had a cool experience where we were prompted to talk to a woman who was walking at night on campus, so we did, and she asked us what our church believes about baptism! She said she had never been baptized because it wasn't something she was looking for at that point, but now she feels more
ready. It was amazing because we didn't even bring it up, she brought it up on her own!

I am so excited to serve with Sister Graham. I know though that revelation is real and President Cooper receives it for each missionary in the mission. How cool is that?

We took a ton of pictures with food this week because food is what we love:)

At Institute

At Institute with Sister Suman and her new greenie Sister House

Mug cake and ice cream

At Bobacup

At Jeremiah's
 Fun shelf pictures from our apartment!

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