Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 2

Hey again!
 I went to the Provo temple today. It was amazing!! The celestial room was beautiful. We got lost though, haha. We went to the cafeteria, which was in the basement, and then we took the elevator up to get out. But we accidentally went to the third floor instead of the first!!!  Oooops!! The worker there found it funny. But he directed us on our way.

We are allowed an hour on P-Day to use the computer. Typically, we come to a computer lab and write our emails while our laundry is going downstairs. It's crazy how 1 hour doesn't feel like enough time!
So for class we prepare to teach two investigators.  I love them both, although they are very different. I learned that it is important to love your investigators, otherwise you won't be able to feel the spirit inspiring you to teach certain things. Well, we are going to get the flash drive thingy from our apartment, and then I'll be sending the pictures. Love you!

With love,
Sister Minson
Us all the first night, no makeup and all matching!! Sister Plumb, Sister Hobbs, Sister Minson, Sister Briggs.

Our first full day of class!!

Our lovely district! They are the best!
The necessary map picture!! Super fun. Tampa Florida!!!

Our Zone on our Temple walk!

The sisters at the Provo Temple

Sister Briggs and I. I love her!

Us with Sister Plumb. Her companion went to the Salt Lake temple today, so thats why she wasn't with us. Sad Day:/

Sister Briggs and I at the temple this week. Going to the temple today was awesome!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

First Week

Hello from the MTC!

Gosh, there is so much that goes on here. I really enjoy the style of living. I have never been more busy and more fulfilled in my life, it feels like. I literally spend all of my time studying the gospel. It is
amazing!! I mean, I knew that that was going to happen when I was filling out my papers, but it is so much more applicable now that I'm here! 

My district is awesome. There are only 10 of us, which is small, apparently, but we are growing so close and really know and enjoy each other. They are my family in the MTC, and I really do love them.

There is so much to talk about! I guess the most important thing to say i how much the MTC has changed me already. Because I have no time to miss home, miss netflix, or wish for my phone, I have become so focused on the gospel and teaching it to others. it's funny; they say that while we're here in the MTC, we sleep in our residence and we live in our classroom. That is entirely true. I have come to know every corner of our classroom (Which is on the 5th floor, and no elevator access), like I know my room at home. The lessons and things that go on there are amazing! I have learned how to be confident when teaching others. I have learned how to care for investigators. I feel such a deeper love and respect for everyone than I have ever felt before. It is kind of cool how much I love now. I love my companion, my roommates, my district, my branch president. I love the sister's and elder's I see as I walk down the sidewalk. I genuinely have love for everyone that I meet, and I think that's because I am able to love them as God loves them. I am able to see them as God does, and I know that they are good, and they are special. It's really phenomenal.

Life is so busy that I barely have time to brush my teeth in the morning. I have absolutely no down time, and I sort of love it! It's kind of cool, actually, because I appreciate extra time so much more now! I am so grateful today is P-Day, though, because I haven't even had time to write in my journal for the past few days!

I'm going to give you all a brief review of how my first 3 days went: So we went to the airport early Wednesday morning, and I felt awful. My stomach hurt, I was exhausted, and to top it all off, nervous. Excited too, of course. We went through and got my ticket and things, and then I said goodbye to my family. That was horribly sad. I went through security, where I met about 20 other elders and sisters all waiting to go on the same flight with me! So that was awesome. We were all seated together,  so the hour and a half 'flew' by quickly (heheh flew, get it?). After we got to Salt Lake City, we had to wait for about an hour for the shuttle to come. When it did, we got on it and drove to the MTC. I met an elder on the shuttle who is going to Tampa Florida too!! That was awesome. Then it was a rush of getting my badge, getting my room assignments, dropping my luggage off, and attending orientations. I met my companion, Sister Briggs, who is from Bountiful Utah and is also going to Tampa Florida! Then I met my district. About half of them are going to Tampa as well, and the other half are going to Arcadia, California. 
The rest of the day was gone in an instant. At the time, it felt so long and I was so tired. When we fell into bed at night, I fell asleep almost instantly.Then we were up the next day, and it was continuously a day of going from class to lunch to gym to class to dinner to lessons to bed. I've said it already, but I love how busy I am!!

My roommates are amazing! There are lots of building in the MTC, and we are in one that is thankfully right next to the building where our classroom is. We are on the third floor, but for some reason the main floors for all the buildings is floor 2. So I only have to go up one flight of stairs there. My room has 3 bunk beds, but we only have 4 sisters in our room, so one of them is unused. The other companionship in my room is actually in our district as well, so we do everything together.
My companion is awesome!!! The bathroom is right outside our residence, which is nice because we don't have to go far. We actually are barely in our rooms. We are only there when we get ready for the day and then go to sleep at night. The rest of the day is spent in our classroom, which is on the 5th floor. We aren't supposed to use the elevator unless we are injured, so we are always exhausted from climbing the stairs.
The food is alright. Not like home, but it's pretty good! We barely have any time to eat though, so we always have to scarf it down.

My schedule is so freaking busy! Oops, I'm not supposed to say that word. It's difficult to break those habits, especially saying ''guys'' and ''dude''. But anyway. I have been so busy that I haven't had time to
miss home! My District is like my family, and we know each other pretty well and get along as well. Our
district is actually super small. We only have 5 companionships, but that means we can all get to know each other really well. My roommates and I actually choose to participate in early morning exercise, so we get up at 5:50 and do some sort of work out in the morning for a half hour. So far we've done Yoga and Kickboxing. That was a lot of fun. Afterwards. we get ready for the day, and go to breakfast at 7:10.
Immediately after is like 4 hours of classroom time, in which we do all sorts of practicing and learning. it is amazing how much I can learn and grow here! Already, I've felt the spirit so strongly. It's amazing that when you are set apart to teach the gospel, you have such a different experience and have the spirit with you so strongly. Then we have Gym time, which is fun. After that is lunch, and then more class time. We are so stinking busy that I barely have time to write in my journal before it's lights out, so my journal only has like 3 sentences for the past two days each. I can really tell that as missionaries we have special blessings that let us have energy to work hard until 9:30pm. It is quite amazing, actually.

We do have awesome teachers! Brother Hutchings is the one who teaches us the most, so far. Then we've got Brother Pliler, who is really energetic and I can tell has a strong testimony. Sister Grough (pronounced Gruff)I haven't seen much of, but I hope I get to know her better. The classes focus a lot on how we can use the spirit and the Preach my Gospel to teach. It's kind of cool, but I don't feel nervous in the slightest when we do practice lessons and things! The spirit is just with us so strongly. 

It really is amazing how when we are set apart to serve as missionaries, we really do receive those blessings. I have noticed that I have been very confidant and purposeful in my step. I also am happier (continuously) than I probably have ever been before. It feels like I can't stop smiling! I am just
filling my scripture journal with notes and other things I learn. I'll probably have to buy a new one while I'm here. Sister Briggs and I were assigned to be Music Coordinators for our branch! That means we have to pick the songs for sacrament next week, as well as a musical number. I am definitely going to participate in the choir. Our branch presidency is amazing! They are so thoughtful and kind.

Anyway, gotta go. Only have a half hour left to write emails, and I've still gotta write the branch
president. Lots of love! I'll talk to you next Friday.

With love,
Sister Minson

My setting apart the night before departing

Saying goodbye at the airport Aug. 19, 2015

MTC Here I come!