Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 2

Hey again!
 I went to the Provo temple today. It was amazing!! The celestial room was beautiful. We got lost though, haha. We went to the cafeteria, which was in the basement, and then we took the elevator up to get out. But we accidentally went to the third floor instead of the first!!!  Oooops!! The worker there found it funny. But he directed us on our way.

We are allowed an hour on P-Day to use the computer. Typically, we come to a computer lab and write our emails while our laundry is going downstairs. It's crazy how 1 hour doesn't feel like enough time!
So for class we prepare to teach two investigators.  I love them both, although they are very different. I learned that it is important to love your investigators, otherwise you won't be able to feel the spirit inspiring you to teach certain things. Well, we are going to get the flash drive thingy from our apartment, and then I'll be sending the pictures. Love you!

With love,
Sister Minson
Us all the first night, no makeup and all matching!! Sister Plumb, Sister Hobbs, Sister Minson, Sister Briggs.

Our first full day of class!!

Our lovely district! They are the best!
The necessary map picture!! Super fun. Tampa Florida!!!

Our Zone on our Temple walk!

The sisters at the Provo Temple

Sister Briggs and I. I love her!

Us with Sister Plumb. Her companion went to the Salt Lake temple today, so thats why she wasn't with us. Sad Day:/

Sister Briggs and I at the temple this week. Going to the temple today was awesome!!

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