Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Arrival in Tampa!

Kaylie left the MTC Tuesday 9/1/15 at 3:30 am and boarded a shuttle for the Salt Lake City airport.  She called us around 5am.  The first time she called she told me that one of her bags got lost... it wasn't in the shuttle like it should have been when they arrived.  That was not good news!!  So we hung up and I made some phone calls to the MTC and tried to track it down, to no avail.  She called back and we got to talk for about 20 more minutes where she told us more details and a few neat experiences about the MTC. She and her companion got to sing in a musical number together the previous Sunday.  She also had a really touching interview with her Branch President where he reinterated how much the families of missionaries are blessed. She shared with us how important it is to be obedient as missionaries to the mission rules. Unfortunately we had to hang up too soon. 4 months till we get to talk again!

After praying for the lost bag to turn up and making several more phone calls to the MTC travel department and Delta baggage department and got NO help, I contacted the Florida Tampa mission office. They informed me that they just got a call from Delta saying the bag was found (somehow) and that it was on the next flight to Tampa, arriving 3 hours after Kaylie's flight. Phew! Thank goodness for answered prayers. I think another missionary accidentally grabbed it when getting out of the shuttles and realized it wasn't theirs when they got to the baggage check.  How Delta knew to call the Tampa mission office, I don't know, because only her name and my phone number was on it.  Small miracles!

Some pictures were shared by the mission president on the Florida Tampa Mission facebook page later on yesterday. It was so exciting to see that she arrived safely and was being taken care of by her new mission.

Welcome to Tampa!
Tampa International Airport

 The next day more pictures were posted of the new missionary training and then getting their new companions (trainers) before heading off to their areas. We can't wait to hear from her on Monday with all the juicy details of her first area. We are so proud of her for serving the Lord and know she will be such a wonderful missionary!

New missionary training

Sister Minson and Sister Dalley

Off they go!
They are going to have a lot of fun together!

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