Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 73

The Ark, our 12 passenger van

Hello, all!   I got certified to drive the Ark! It's a 12 passenger van that we share with the other YSA sisters, and another set of sisters as well. Sister Jeffs (my companion) is going home in 2 weeks, so on Tuesday of last week I got certified! It's super fun.

So this week seriously went by so fast. Campus was still pretty dead, but school is back in session starting today! So that means campus will finally be busy. Woohoo!  We referred M to Jacksonville, since she moved up last Thursday.  And we taught H the stop smoking lesson! She is following it, which is awesome. But she's over the YSA age limit, so we'd have to pass her off.

 I really loved District Meeting last week, where we talked about why it's so important for us to teach baptism AND confirmation. It was super good. I learned this week that my feet will not fall off or get hypothermia if I wear sandals in 40 degree temperatures. (It was an accidental lesson. I didn't know it would be so cold.)  I have gotten spoiled with 80 degrees almost every day.

Sorry, it's a kind of short email this week. I am helping my companion go through her clothes to decide which she wants to take home with her. It's weird to think I will be doing something similar in a month or so! Wow. It has been super weird to see her do everything I'll be doing next transfer. She's been doing My Plan on Friday mornings during personal study, and I think I'll continue that habit. Crazy! But yeah, life is good.

Sister Minson

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