Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 74

So this week involved a lot of service. We went to Eckerd on Tuesday, which was really awesome. Then on Wednesday we went to Feeding Tampa Bay, which is where those pictures came from. On Friday we went to Metropolitan Ministries. Also, on Wednesday of this week we did Bull Market. Bull Market is basically where clubs on campus set up booths and try to get people to join their club. The club on campus is LDSSA(LDS student association), and we tried to invite people to institute and church. It was really awesome, because there were a ton of people there! The Cooper's came to it, and Sister Cooper helped me talk to a man about Institute. It was really cool.

At Feeding Tampa Bay, we made vegetable bags to give to various groups and shelters and things. There were jícamas there, but they were very very rotten. So we put some in because a guy working there told us to, but then they changed their minds and switched it up, so no more jícamas. Which is good, because they were gross.  It was really cool because we got to talk to a lot of volunteers! Oh, we also helped make Institute dinners on Thursday. Service really made up the majority of our week.

I read an AWESOME devotional by Wendy Nelson about covenants that she gave at a BYU women's conference. It was so good!! It really made me think about the covenants I made in the temple and the power and blessings that come from keeping and living those covenants. It was really inspiring. I am excited to go to the temple frequently and do family history!

Oh, on Sunday, Sister Jeffs and I did a musical number in church! We sang a medley we made of Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd and The Lord is My Shepherd. It was pretty good! Everyone really liked it. President and Sister Cooper were there again, and they loved it as well.
One more week, and then Sister Jeffs goes home! Crazy.

Sister Minson

Service at Feeding Tampa Bay

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