Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 72- Happy New Year!

 This week was so fun! It was a little sad because campus was still empty, but we did meet some cool people and set some appointments, so that was good!  I can't believe how fast the time is going. I only have about 9 weeks left, and that is so crazy (don't worry, I'm not dwelling on it. I just did the math quickly.) But it was a super fun week!

As you know, last Monday was Zone Activity Day. On Tuesday we went to Eckerd Raising Hope again and sorted through more clothes. We are really helping them out a lot, which I am glad we can do. I love service! We went on campus, like normal. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were pretty uneventful. More campus time. Let's just say Sister Jeffs and I know each other really well now! We talk a lot since right now there aren't too many people on campus. 
On Saturday we met a few cool people! We showed a Mormon Message about New Years and we also tried tracking in some student housing. We met a few people that were nice. It brought back memories. We had a member come out with us who did some initial contacts. It was pretty cool. We met A and H today. They both set up appointments for next Saturday. Meeting H was a cool experience because we were on campus around 7:40, and not a soul was in our sights. But all of the sudden we started feeling anxious, and we felt like we needed to walk back to the church building. So we did so quickly, and picked the most lighted routes. As we were going, we saw a person ahead of us, and felt like we should go talk to her. It was H! She was very interested and set up an appointment. It was really cool, because if we hadn't started walking fast at that moment, we would have missed her. Thank goodness for the Spirit!

Lots of pictures this week!

Sister Minson
  I got a picture of me with the Monte Christo-- a deep fried club sandwich with powdered sugar and raspberry jam. It was really good, actually, but I feel kinda sick now.  I also ate fried gator tail! It was pretty similar to a regular fish stick, but I liked it.

This is M! 
She's moving back up to Jacksonville on Wednesday, so we're going to pass her to the missionaries up there. So we got a picture before she left!

More service at Eckerd Raising Hope again
 For Zone Activity Day, among other things, we did a gingerbread making contest and White Elephant. These are the results!

We also got Jeremiah's last Monday. That is an ice cream place. They are famous for their Italian ice/soft serve shake. That is what those are! I got pumpkin Italian ice and vanilla soft serve. It was so good!

The Duck-crew: MJ, Orang-e, and Duck-qwan.

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