Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 59

My two favorite parts of this week were the bookends. Last Monday we had another Zone Activity Day. One missionary nicknamed it ZAD. I like it. It's an event where the whole zone gets together on a P-Day and play games. President and Sister Cooper came to our ZAD! It was really fun. Sister Swanson, a missionary in Carrollwood, and I were in charge since the Zone Leaders were late and then left to get pizza, so we just improvized and played some fun games. It was a blast!
Our Zone at ZAD
An elder taking a seflie with whoever's around.
Me, Sister Chavez, Sister Gucake, and Sister Porter
I'm explaining the game signs in this picture.

 The rest of the week was pretty good! We worked hard and had a lot of fun! We also went on an exchange with the Carrollwood Sisters. I love exchanges. They are so much fun, and you always learn so many things.  We met a girl that we were able to pray with, and I was prompted to share an experience I've had with answer to prayer, which helped her get a confirmation of her own prayer. :)

General Conference (GC) was this weekend, and President Cooper gave special permission to have dinners with members over conference weekend, so we had quite a few meals. It was pretty tasty. And there were so many good things I learned!
I absolutely loved Elder Uceda's talk on prayer this general conference. I really liked the idea of comparing our prayers to the one's said by Christ and the prophets in the Book of Mormon. I think that is a principle I will be applying, because I want to improve my communication with my Heavenly Father. I also thought Elder Oak's talk was amazing. ;P Member Missionary Work is the way to go! We are really working on developing stronger relationships with the members and helping them take ownership for their missionary work. It's slow going, but it's getting there. 

These are some points I loved:
- Prayer engages all three members of the godhead
- Grace is accessed through faith
- Member missionary work is an attitude of love towards each other
- Joy has to do with the focus of our lives, not our circumstances
- Repentance works by faith
- Service is the fiber that a life in the Celestial Kingdom is made of
 - Christ's strength is made perfect in our weaknesses
- The atonement bears no scars

I know that the Atonement indeed bears no scars. We are able to be completely forgiven for every mistake and sin we've committed, and it will be as if it didn't happen, through Jesus Christ.

 I hope you have a great week, everybody! I'll talk to you next week.

With love, Sister Minson

We got Chinese food for Sister Porter's 5 month mark!

Me and a fun swamp we saw

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