Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 62

 We actually had a crazy experience this week! We are starting to teach M 3 times a week, and his mom too. They are progressing! M has been keeping his commitments, and he really wants to get baptized. It is so cool!  We also met a man named J. He really wants to be baptized and already believes Joseph Smith is a prophet! He is so excited to learn, and he even came to church this week! So, that's 2 baptismal dates set :)

We had 2 other people at church this week, which was amazing. R's friend, B came to stake conference last week, Mutual on Wednesday, and church yesterday! R wasn't even there, because she was out of town, but B got a ride with a different Beehive. It was so awesome! Also, R.t. came to church again, but he left before we could catch him.

I went on an exchange with the Spanish sisters in our zone this week. That was so much fun! We went to some lessons and it was so awesome! I loved it, because even though I didn't really understand when they were speaking Spanish, I knew what they were talking about because the Spirit was there. I felt the Spirit while they spoke, and I didn't even understand what they were saying! It was the coolest thing. I think I felt a brief portion of the gift of tongues that day, because I knew the words I had learned in Spanish class, but I understood what they were talking about in the lesson, even when I didn't know the words. That was so bizarre, but it was a miracle, I think.

This week I celebrated my 14 month mark! I only have 4 months left of my mission. I can't believe it! It is so crazy. We had Zone training meeting this week, and Sister Swanson and I trained on unity, which was really good. Then we talked about weekly planning and diligence. It was great!
Zone Training

 We had members come with us to two different lessons this week, and in each one they spoke Spanish with our investigators. It was a Spanish week for me!

The weather: I love it! It is so gorgeous. We had a cold front come through, so it has been beautiful! But it should go back up again, in a little bit. 
 The most gorgeous day I've ever been in in Florida. WOW! Not a cloud in the sky, it wasn't humid at ALL, and there was a nice cool breeze. It was beautiful. It reminded me of Rexburg in the summer.

Me wearing slacks on the most beautiful day ever.
We are going to the ward trunk or treat this week! There are a ton of members that are bringing their friends, so it should be really good. I am debating dressing up as an elder... (At least wearing a white shirt with my slacks) That would be funny. Well, transfers is next week. Have a great week, everybody!

With love,
Sister Minson
We saw a scary Halloween decoration that I saw last year... Yikes.
We saw a baby alligator sunbathing in the lake !

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