Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 60

Hurricanes and Slacks! 
Some pretty exciting things are happening in the mission! Because of the mosquito born illnesses, Church Headquarters has recommended that Sisters in our mission start wearing slacks! So we are going slacks shopping and getting those in the next few weeks. That will be really weird. We will still wear skirts to meetings and church and things, but slacks whenever we're proselyting. In 2 weeks you will start seeing pictures of me in pants!!  Crazy crazy.

Here's what happened with Hurricane Matthew: I am safe, and there wasn't any damage in Tampa. We got wind up to 20mph and some rain Thursday and Friday night, but that was about it. Sometimes the wind was scary, though. It was loud when it blew through the many trees. We went inside early on Thursday night, and then Friday we chose to stay inside because the wind was making us worried, but we helped some new sisters that live in a building next to us clean their apartment. It was pretty trashed from the last missionaries that lived there. It took all day to clean! Everybody around me is safe, but the East Coast took it pretty hard. There are a lot of ward members going out there to help clean and take care of people. There were some evacuees who came to some ward member's houses over the weekend.
See where it's really red? That's around the eye of the hurricane
Clouds on Thursday night, around 7:20
 10 minutes later! 7:30 Thursday night

On Wednesday we went on an exchange with the Land O Lakes Sisters. It was awesome! Sister Blanchard and I had a really interesting experience. So we drove to a street, and had a guy slam the door in our faces. Then, as we knocked on the last house on the street, he walked up and said "I wanted to apologize. but you girls really are too young to be..." and then the door opened! It was really awkward. He turned and walked down the driveway and waited there. the woman who answered the door said "is he harassing you?" We said "we're not exactly sure yet." she invited us in and rescued us from a potentially bad situation.  Turns out, she was a Jehovah's Witness! She gave us huge glasses of water and the sat us down and tried to hand us materials. She talked for a bit, but we drank our water, kept our hands busy so we didn't have to accept other books, and stood by the door. Then we got out. She was nice, but definitely interesting.

I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Minson

 Trying on pants!

Trying on other cute stuff, just for fun!
Fun time shopping :)


 Exchanges this week!
Sister Blanchard and I on the dock

Me on the dock
We got caught in the rain, so we ran back to the car and took a picture
Me with Sister Blanchard, Sister Brewer, and Sister Swanson

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