Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 54

This week has been amazing. We did so many different things! I think the most monumental of this week, though, has been the things I've learned the past few days. There is a quote from Adjusting to Missionary Life that says "Motivation follows action... Tell yourself "just do it for 10 minutes" when you need to start something you don't want to do. Once you get started, you will feel more motivated." It is so true! I have felt kind of slow to act this week, and because of that I have felt more unmotivated. So this week I am going to act more, even if sometimes I don't want to do it. I think that principle will apply for all aspects of my life, not just missionary work. What will you do to act this week?

I had some cool proselytizing experiences that I'd like to share:

On Monday we taught A, a youth that the Elders found, and we watched the 20 minute restoration video with him. He loved it! He related to Joseph Smith feeling confusion, and he said he will not give up searching for his answer. Brother K came with us and invited him to read all of Alma! That was a big commitment, but A accepted. We will stop by tonight, and hopefully we can talk with him for a little bit. I know that as he prays and reads the Book of Mormon, he will know that it is true!

On Thursday I met two General Authorities! Elder Foster and Elder Costa. They are so awesome. We had Zone Conference. It was very enlightening. We learned that the way we can make our mission the most successful is to help the mission develop to the point where missionary work is done mostly by the members, with the missionaries helping. I also learned that the way prayer works is that it is an act of faith which allows our Heavenly Father to bless us with answers and opportunities. My favorite quote Elder Foster said was "the greater the agency, the greater the growth." He was talking about leaders and their assignments, but I think it is so true! The more we have opportunities to choose, the more we grow.

Tampa Zone with general authorities

Meeting Elder and Sister Foster
Me and Sister Porter

At our Zone Conference lunch. Loved singing "Called to Serve" for our meal from the St Petersburg Stake Relief Society.

After the Zone Conference we went out with Abby, a youth in our ward, and we saw some cool miracles! We had planned to be in Lutz (pronounced loots), but while we were eating dinner, before Abby met up with us, we felt like we needed to change our plans. So we did, and as we followed our new plan we met some people that I had actually met earlier on in my mission! We followed up with them and invited them to act. I want to tell you about that.

WAY back in March Sister Hunt and I went on an exchange with Sister Morgan and Siser Judkins. Sister Judkins came up to Palm Harbor with me. We were street contacting in Holiday (one of our earlier convert's neighborhood) and we heard the ice cream man! Sister Judkins wanted ice cream, and she said we could try to teach the driver, so we went. We met W and S! They are a couple, and they drive the truck together. We talked to them for about 20 minutes, and gave them a Book of Mormon! They told us they'd read it. We also gave them our phone number on a bookmark so they could call us for more information. And we never heard from them again. (yes, we bought ice cream).

So on Thursday we were walking down the street and I saw them in their Ice Cream Truck again!! We went up and talked to them, and they told us they've been reading the Book of Mormon almost every night. How crazy is that? We gave them the restoration pamphlet and again invited them to call us. They said they go to that neighborhood frequently, though, so I'm excited to see them again!
Us with Abby
Making silly faces
On Saturday we taught our neighbor P. Well, she lives in our next-door building. She wanted a Bible, so we went and gave her both the Bible and the Book of Mormon and she said she would read them every day at noon. She wanted to strengthen her relationship with God, and we taught her that as she read His word, she would do that.

Things are going great out here in Odessa! The field really is white! It just took some time to find the field.

I hope you have a fantastic week this week! College is starting for a lot of you, and the rest of you are having new adventures every day. Let me know about them! I'd love to find out more about your lives!

With love,
Sister Minson

Me and Sister Gafa. She's the best!!

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