Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 52

We had transfers this last week, and I am staying in Odessa! But, I received a new companion. You'll read about it below:

 So Monday we received the transfer email while we were grocery shopping. AHH!! That was probably an awful time to get the email, because it was SO hard for us to decide what to buy. Wow. We struggled. But we got it. Sister Hunt was transferring, and I was staying. We also learned that both of the elders were leaving, too! That meant I would be the only missionary in Odessa who was here from before. We started packing Sister Hunt's stuff. Yep.

 Tuesday we went to R's baptism! R is a 12 yr old that the elders taught, and she is so awesome. Her mom has a baptismal date set and her step-dad is learning about the gospel, too. Woohoo!

With R at her baptism with one of her friends.
 We found out right before the baptism that for transfers Sister Hunt was going to Tampa 2 with Sister Felt, and I was going to be receiving Sister Porter from Lithia. Yay! We went to Wendy's for Frosty's and a coordination meeting after the baptism so we could start learning about the people the elders were teaching.

Sis Hunt and I with the Bishop and his wife and the Elders in our area

Wednesday we finished the coordination with the elders of all of their investigators, since I would be taking over their teaching, and we went and taught one of them, D, that night. He is so awesome! He is praying to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet, and it is very important to him to know it. He is so sincere! It was a very spiritual lesson, and we talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and praying to know if what we teach him is true. It was a great lesson!

Thursday we had transfers. I met Sister Porter, and she is so awesome! We get along great. We unloaded Sister Porter's things at the apartment, had lunch, then weekly planned. That was crazy because we hadn't received the elder's teaching records for their investigators yet. (we still haven't. It should be coming through soon, though. Hopefully.) We had a GREAT gameday with some of the members at the church that night. (GAMEDAY is the mission's term for referral seeking time. Basically, we meet with members, pull them aside in church, and try to plant seeds, help them increase their missionary efforts, and build relationships with them so they are more likely to do missionary work.) So we talked with them and followed up with them. They are doing member missionary work! Woop Woop!

Saying goodbye to Sister Hunt on transfer day (I will miss her!)

My new companion, Sister Porter

Friday we taught 5 lessons, and learned a lot more about each other. I am having so much fun with Sister Porter. We met some cool people, but they are all still potentials. Saturday we taught O! Do you remember O? He is the greatest. (We called him on Tuesday to invite him to R's baptism. He couldn't go, but he said we could set up an appointment. So we set one up for Saturday.) We got to meet with him and his wife. They told us about the crazy summer they've had. His mom has had some severe health problems, and so they've been in and out of the hospital for her care. We prayed with them and talked about Christ's atonement. It was a very emotional lesson, but it was so cool! They said we could come back, which I'm so grateful for! It was such a miracle.

Sis Porter and I having ice cream for Friday Fun Night. It was fun:) (And it was Friday)

 We had a FANTASTIC gameday at the church on Sunday. We set up appointments with members, followed up with ward council members, and scheduled times we could have members come to lessons with us. I am so grateful for this ward's support and encouragement. Also, R was confirmed today, and there was an awesome member who just moved into the ward who gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, and he talked directly to her for a lot of the talk. It was so awesome! She is part of a good ward. We just had very positive experiences, which was nice. I am so pumped for this next week! It is going to be so great!

 With love,
Sister Minson

My favorite kind of flowers. Seriously, I love those.

A gorgeous sunset we saw last night while we were tracting!
pretty clouds! (Gosh, I love Florida skies)

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