Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 51

Here are the most important updates for the week:

 So I know you all are just begging to find out what happened in the appointment with D. Well I'll tell you: It was tough! D was asking many many questions but wasn't giving us the opportunity to answer them. And he targeted the member with the questions. He probably thought we brought the member for that reason, so the member felt obligated to answer all of the questions D asked him. We ended up needing to end the lesson so we could get home in time, so we had to interrupt everybody and end. It was just kind of stressful. I hope one day D is ready to learn more about the gospel and accept it in his heart.

We had Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday and were challenged to go through our area books and look for people who are ready to be baptized this month. Sister Hunt and I went through them and we found 9 people who we felt inspired to work with! It is great to have this direction. We'll let you know what happens as we work with them.

Pictures from Zone Training:

Role playing

A serious picture

A silly picture :) I love my zone.

Sister Hunt's 6 month mark was on Wednesday! you know what's crazy? We've celebrated MY 6 month mark, and then HER 6 month mark, nearly 6 months later. Crazy! I've never had a companion as long as Sister Hunt, and probably won't again.

Thursday- We taught a guy because of the new game Pokemon Go! Crazy! He was by the church, and we had just learned that missionary coordination was cancelled-- after we were at the church, so we went outside, and R was there! We taught him and invited him to learn more. Also, weekly planning was stressful. As always.  

Friday- Crazy things happened today. We taught a lady in Trinity on her porch while it was POURING outside. That was pretty fun. She isn't really interested at the moment, but it was a good lesson. We had dinner at Steak'n'Shake today. That was fun. Then we taught the Q's! They are so awesome. We went to an apartment complex and taught some REALLY awesome lessons. We met J, who told us he was looking for a church to go to, and that he would be there this Sunday! (He wasn't). We also met a couple who were sitting outside on their second-story balcony, eating dinner. I called out to them and asked if they wanted to pray with us. They said they did, and for us to come over in 15 minutes. We did, and taught them the restoration. They listened really intently and were genuine in their intent. We had to run home to get in on time.

 Saturday- The couple is are no longer interested in learning more because they feel like our religion doesn't coincide with the bible. That makes me sad. They wouldn't allow us to help them understand, either. Today we stopped by our family who said they would come to church and invited them to church again. They said they would definitely be there! (They weren't). The day was pretty good, though. There was a cloud blanket in the sky all day, but it didn't rain!

 Sunday- The Less Active family we've been working with came to church! But the investigators I told you about didn't. Maybe they will this week. Also,we found a new investigator. I hope he will keep his return appointment and want to learn more. And now for the best story of all: This morning we went to the gym to exercise. Afterwards, we came back outside to go to our apartment and it was POURING! We had no where to go but through it, though. So we did. We walked in the pouring rain back to our apartment. Sister Hunt called it a pre-shower rinse. Well, it was definitely a COLD pre-shower rinse. Yikes. That's Florida for you. Transfers are happening this week. I'm excited to find out what is happening! I hope you have a fantabulous week!

Drenched from the rain!
With love,
Sister Minson

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