Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 55

Hello!  Happy Labor Day!  Alright, here's what happened this week.

So first, I got my hair cut on Monday! That was very fun. I told the lady to cut off all of the nasty stuff, to make my hair healthy again. She measured it with her fingers, and showed me about 3-4 inches, and said "Is that okay? Some people don't want to cut off this much." and I said "Sounds great!" So it is healthy.

On Tuesday, we went to District Meeting and at the end of the day I started to feel like I had a scratchy throat. I thought "oh no, don't tell me I'm getting sick." That night, I started feeling really sick, and was worried I would need a prescription. At the same time, we received a phone call from our Zone Leaders, telling us that we were to stay inside for the next 24 hours because of a nearby hurricane. In the morning I called Sister Alexander, and got special permission from President Cooper to go to the doctor's and pick up a prescription, even though we were supposed to stay in our apartment from the hurricane. I was sick on Thursday and Friday too, so I took lots of naps and ate soup and rested. The hurricane passed by Friday afternoon, and then by Saturday I was able to go work! Whew!

So yes, hurricane. We didn't really hear anything about it! But it wasn't bad at all where we are. We basically just stayed in our apartment, and it rained and drizzled the entire time. There were a few moments when it was pretty windy, and once or twice our lights flickered, but no power outages. That's about it!  Quite boring.We didn't have any flooding at all, at least where I was, and not really any debris in the road. But the clouds didn't clear until Saturday, so that was a little depressing. I love Florida's sky.
We had a really good experience on Sunday, that I'd love to share with you. E was a media referral! That was a huge miracle. We called him within an hour of getting the referral text, and he set up an appointment for the next day. He had requested a Bible. When we got there, we asked if we could come in and share a message with his family, and he said yes! He told us he wanted to know what "Mormon" is. So naturally we taught him and his family the restoration and about the Book of Mormon. They accepted a Book of Mormon and committed to start reading it! We also set a return appointment. It was such a blessing to us. He is from Egypt and there is a slight language barrier, but they are such a nice family. I haven't taught a whole family in so long! It was great!

We taught R and O. O is doing well, and R is on fire! She told us this week that she has decided that one day she wants to be a missionary. That made me so happy. She is going to be such an awesome missionary. She's got such a strong testimony! They are excited to be baptized for their ancestors when they go to the temple (after O gets baptized, of course).

We taught A about the Plan of Salvation, and he is slowly building in his faith. Our next lesson will be on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I am so excited because we will be able to have a lesson all about baptism! It's going to be great.

And that was my crazy, crazy week. Did anything crazy happen to you?

With love,
Sister Minson

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