Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 57

Hello dear friends and family,
Transfers is this week, but I am staying in Odessa. Sister Porter is too! Woohoo!
This week was quite a good one! On Monday we went to Steak 'n Shake and saw D, one of my converts from Palm Harbor! That was so good. I got a pumpkin shake. I love her, and her shakes! :)   We also went and taught A again. He is still wanting to learn, but he's having trouble recognizing his answer. We are going to focus on teaching from the Book of Mormon and helping him recognize the spirit. 
Tuesday we had District meeting, and we took some fun pictures! I learned about Christ-like Obedience. That was a cool lesson, and I am striving to be more Christ-like in my obedience! 
We also watched the talk by Jeffrey R Holland called "The First Great Commandment", in Oct 2012. Holy cow! I highly recommend that you all watch it talk about the importance of leaving behind our nets to show our love for God. It was so good!! We also taught a father and daughter about the book of Mormon, and they committed to read it.
We got donuts on Wednesday, and they were delicious! We also taught R and went to mutual. It was really fun.  

Thursday we met the M's again, and we taught them about the temple. We also had the bishop's wife, come with us to missionary coordination.

Friday we taught O and his wife, and our ward mission leader came. Then we went to the M's again, and Bishop came! They were great lessons.

Saturday a young man named A got baptized! He is in the Tampa 2 area, where Sister Hunt is. She called me the day before and asked if we could perform a musical number, and have Sister Felt play the piano. So we did I Know that My Redeemer Lives, the arrangement you sent me. Sister Cooper (mission president's wife) came and heard it, and she wrote our names down on her talent list. Hopefully I'll get to sing more! I was so nervous though. I had forgotten what it was like to perform.

Sunday we went to the J's, a new member family that moved into the ward recently, and we talked about missionary work with them. We also set up a dinner appointment with a less active family! That was cool.

That was my week! Whew! It was a great week. I hope you have a great one, too!
Sister Minson 
A crazy lost dog sign!
A crazy snake skin we saw while walking in a neighborhood.
A rianbow!

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