Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 42

Hello, everyone!

So Hurricane Season started June 1, as I said in my last email, and on Sunday we received a warning that Tropical Storm Colin was making his way towards the Tampa Bay area. It was pretty exciting.

For those who don't know (Because I didn't until I came to Florida), A tropical storm is a circulating weather system with maximum sustained winds between 39-73 mph. A hurricane is the same thing, but the maximum sustained winds are 74mph and above. So basically, a baby hurricane came through this weekend. Woohoo!

So when you think of Hurricane, you all probably think of panic, and floods 5 feet deep, and trees bent over, people stuck on roofs, that sort of thing. Those things do happen, but typically those happen with Category 2 (96-110mph) and above Hurricanes. What a tropical storm means is typically a lot of rain and some windy days. SO Monday and Tuesday(today) has had rain basically all the time. And of course, since there is about 3-5" of rain per hour, some of the roads get water buildup on them, but it's not too bad. It's all quite exciting.  However it's not too great for missionary work. We can't be outside teaching people the gospel when 1, there isn't anyone outside, and 2, the rain and weather conditions keep us inside. It's a little depressing, at times.
Sunday we were able to work as normal, but when Monday rolled around, which is our Preparation-day, we went grocery shopping and then basically came back home and worked on our emergency packs again. We got very wet and have a lot of wet Walmart bags we are working on drying out. Our Mission President, President Cusick, asked that all of the missionaries remain inside their apartments for the remainder of Monday, so we continued to work on our emergency packs, and then we studied. Then Tuesday, today, they cancelled District Meeting and asked for us to be wise in our travel and proselyting efforts. We are planning on going to Metro (a specialized training event) today, if the roads allow us to get there.

That is basically everything that has to do with Colin, the Tropical Storm.
(Pictures of Tropical Storm Colin rolling in, and Sister Hunt and I all wet after grocery shopping and loading our groceries into the trunk while it was pouring!)

Our 72 hour kits! We are now prepared for anything!

Last week was a little tougher, especially because there weren't too many people outside who wanted to hear the gospel, but we did meet some pretty cool people this week. The coolest thing happened on Friday! We had a great day of contacting referrals, and we were able to teach a less active youth. We then were walking to meet some members and we met a father and son who were working in their yard. We prayed with them and invited them to baptism, and they accepted! We are hoping to meet with their family and teach them all the gospel and help them be baptized. We set the baptismal date for July 2. Pretty cool!

We are working so hard here and I love the way I can feel the Spirit when I do everything in my power to teach others about Christ.

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy staying dry! 

With love,
Sister Minson

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