Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 41

Memorial Day = No emailing... Because the libraries are all closed. So we got permission to email today! :)

This past week was pretty great.  We worked really hard and saw much success. 
As far as getting to know the people in our ward, I have learned the value of actually asking people questions to get to know them. When they feel like we have interest in their lives and want to help them with their missionary work, the members open up and are more willing to keep commitments. We got to know 2 members really well on Sunday and we found out that both of them actually have children who are less active, and we are helping one of them work on inviting their son's non-member fiance to meet with us! It was a pretty cool experience. I'm hoping that as we work more on that, we will be able to gain more solid referrals and help "Golden" Investigators come into the church.
I had a few highlights, but the best day was Saturday because we went on exchanges! I went with Sister Sutton, who's actually from Queen Creek, too! That was pretty cool. We spent some time talking about all of our mutual friends. There were a lot of them! I learned a lot from Sister Sutton about how to better do member-missionary work. I am really excited to apply what I'm learning and work more diligently with the members to generate teaching opportunities!

Yesterday (P-Day) we went through our emergency packs and made a list of the foods and items we'd need in case of a hurricane. Hurricane season is June 1 to Nov 30. We got a huge long document explaining what to do in case of a hurricane, and all that. So even if a hurricane comes, at least we'll be prepared! It was fun. We made cookies. Also, because we couldn't email yesterday, we went to the church and played music, sang songs, etc. It was really fun! I enjoyed it.

That's about all we did this week, besides the normal teaching repentance and baptizing converts!

I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and I am so grateful that he had the faith to ask God what church was true. Without that, we wouldn't have the blessings of temples and eternal families.

Have a good week everyone!

Happy Memorial Day!

With love,
Sister Minson

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