Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 43

It was SUCH a fantastic week!

It's still basically raining every day, but it's not pouring anymore. I'm just getting used to always having my rain-jackets and umbrellas in the car and in my purse. We've gotten caught in the rain a few times, but thankfully we've always been prepared. Today we are driving 80 miles to get to our Mission Beach party. I love road trips!
Tuesday we went to Metro- a specialized missionary training. It was fantastic! I learned about confidence again and how to street contact with variety.   
On the way to Metro! 12 passenger van.
Funny faces at Metro

Nice picture at Metro :)
Wednesday we applied what we learned, then we went to this one neighborhood and met O! He is now a date set, and we have an appointment with him tomorrow to help him prepare for baptism. It's pretty awesome!  
Thursday we weekly planned, and then we went and found another guy who wants to be baptized!  We also taught a girl named F, who is O's wife. We brought her a German Book of Mormon. She asked if any of our congregation speaks German. We asked around and found out that there is one member who served his mission in Germany! How cool is that?
Friday we set another date with a guy named B, who was walking his dog. It was really cool! We have an appointment with him tomorrow, too. Woohoo!
Saturday we almost got caught in an electrical storm in Trinity, but we made it back to our car in time, so we were safe. We worked hard, and that night we went to a wedding reception! We saw President and Sister Cusick there, and we were able to find out a member gave away a Book of Mormon! SO cool.
Sunday we went to church, then had a fantastic lesson with a Part-Member family. It was pretty awesome. They gave us bags of food to take to our apartment! That was a miracle because we didn't have time to go grocery shopping today. 
I am working hard out here and am sharing the gospel with everyone I meet. I love being a missionary!!

With love,
Sister Minson

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