Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 36

On Saturday, a crime occurred, Sister Hunt tried to steal my identity!! :)  It was in the evening. We were talking to a part-member family and setting up an appointment with them. After we set up the appointment, she said "I'm sorry, I never got your names." Normally, I don't know why, I go first, then Sister Hunt introduces herself. So this time I waited to let her go. She started with this heinous statement "I'm Sister Minson and--". It was a catastrophe! We laughed about it and Sister Hunt used the excuse that it was a long day. But I think she just really wants to be me...

:) This week was pretty great. We actually were sick for a portion of the week, so we did a lot of sleeping. We are all better now, though! And Zone Development Day is today, which I'm looking forward to. 

One miracle I saw this week was our wonderful bishop. We went to Ward Council this Sunday, and Bishop said "I have two referrals for you! The young woman who came to church last Sunday wants to take the discussions, and my wife's hairdresser agreed to two discussions." He announced the referrals he was giving us out loud in Ward Council, which set a great example for the other Ward Council members, and we are now able to work with his friends and family members. It was a huge blessing, and a huge miracle. 

We also were able to teach 3 lessons on Saturday and Sunday! I am learning the value of quality over quantity. I think in Palm Harbor the lessons I had were great!  But now that I'm in Odessa, I'm appreciating every lesson we get. I'm so grateful for the experiences I am getting here.

 Mother's Day is in 2 weeks! After we skype that day, there will be 8 more months, then a Christmas Call, then I come home in February. Crazy! I can't believe the time is flying so fast. Here come's Skype call #2!

I would like to bear my testimony to you all. I know that Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for us, and I know he sent us to this earth to fulfill that plan so we could live with him and our families again for eternity. I know He gave us a road map called the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that when we follow it, we will be able to reach that end goal. I know that as we go through trials and struggles, we can turn to prayer and reading the word of God to find solace and answers to questions. 

I love being a missionary and I love serving in Odessa, Florida!  Florida is gorgeous!

With love,
Sister Minson

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