Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 32

It has been a crazy week!  On Monday evening a member from our ward made us dinner and brought it to us. It was amazing! It was some kind of stuffed breaded chicken, and it was so yummy. Mmmmm:) We went to a Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday. President Cusick attended, and it was really good. At the end of it, they committed us to set a baptismal date every day for a week. I committed to do all in my power to accomplish this goal.

At Zone Training meeting

The St. Pete North District

So we went out and worked and we set 2 dates that day! All 4 of our appointments fell through, but we still set 2 dates. That was a miracle. On Wednesday we again set 2 dates! I am so grateful for this challenge. We worked as hard as we could and invited everyone we met. Those two we found at a park in Tarpon Springs. It was beautiful and we walked up to this woman on a bench, and taught her and her daughter. Afterwards, she said that she felt like she went to the park for a reason. She said they almost went to the beach instead, but she felt like she needed to come here. That was such a cool experience.

On Thursday we taught D and M (our recent converts) using the conference talk "What Lack I Yet." They loved the lesson! They said they really needed to hear that message. We had a funny experience that night, as well, as we street contacted. A man was filling up his vintage car at a gas station, and we decided to try to teach him. He gave a short answer that he was not interested. We asked if he knew of anyone who could use the video, and he said "no, that's your job. you've gotta find 'em." We thought it was hilarious that he said that. Sometimes people's responses are just so funny! Apparently they were just really not interested.

Friday was really good. I learned about the power of resilience and prayer. I am grateful for my mission! Saturday was SO HUMID! It was gross. I can't imagine what July will be like. We went to a baptism for an 8 year old in our ward and met some of his friends who attended. We also tracted, street contacted, etc. That evening we went back to the church and watched the General Women's Broadcast. It was such a great broadcast! I love hearing from the prophets.

Sunday, Easter, was great! We went to church, which I loved. We went to Craig park and taught a man who seemed really laid back, but said he wanted to be baptized. We also saw dolphins! He was sitting on this bench right by the bayou, and we walk up to talk to him and then I saw 2 dolphins just surface and breathe, then go under again. They did that for like 5 minutes. It was so cool! But it was a distraction because we were trying to teach him. We also taught W and A at a members. It was a great day!

Easter dinner at the Johnson's
General Conference is next week. I am so excited to come to Conference with a question. I know that my question will be answered because of the Spirit that will be there with the speakers and with me. We are going to member's homes to watch conference, and I am so excited!

With love,
Sister Minson

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