Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 70

Transfers: with my old comp (sister Porter on my left) and my new comp (sister Jeffs on my right)
My new companion, Sister Jeffs, and I

Hello! We had transfers happen this past week on Wednesday, and it was crazy! I'm covering the YSA ward now. We share the apartment with the other YSA sisters. It's a party! There are 3 sets of missionaries in YSA, including the Elders who are the assistants. It's fun. We share a 12 passenger van between us, the other YSA sisters, and some sisters serving in Temple Terrace, which shares the building. It's called The Ark. Things are WAY different in the YSA. Our boundaries are super complicated. The YSA ward is technically 4 zones. St Pete,  Odessa, Tampa, and Brandon. But we don't go finding out there because all of the young single adults go to the University of South Florida. So whenever we go proselyting, we go on campus. But we actually do a TON of service here. We reach the allotted 10 hours almost every week. It is so cool!

So Wednesday, we got all my stuff to the apartment, and then went out and proselyted! We walked all day on the USF campus and it was so fun! Campus is pretty empty because it is winter break, but we still had some people on campus, so we talked to them. It was fun! At the end of the day, my feet hurt pretty bad. But it was great!

Thursday we weekly planned, helped with the Institute dinner, then we ate dinner, then we taught M and then we went to Institute. M is a member referral. She had been taught by missionaries in the past and was almost baptized, but for some reason she got cold feet. But she is ready now, so she asked to meet with us so we could get baptized! We are helping her set a date right now. Oh my gosh, she is so cool.  I was at the church, the mission office, literally all day.

On Friday, we did service and found on campus, Then on Saturday, we went to Night in Bethlehem with S, a recent convert.  It was really fun and I got to see a lot of members from Odessa! Also, we started practicing a musical number because we are singing for the Zone conference on Tuesday.

A lot of return missionaries from our mission came to church on Sunday, and it was super weird to see them all! Elder Johnny Dance, Elder Holden Morris, Sister Ashlynn Martin, and Sister Taylor Sutton all came! It was really fun. I sang in the choir as Alto because they didn't have a lot of them. We had dinner after church, and then when we got to the church to go on campus. One of the RM's walked up and asked if he could go proselyting with us!  He was a good member present!

 And that was my week! It was super super crazy. Today is my 16 month mark!

Sister Minson

My companion and I at Institute
 On Friday, we went and did service for Eckerd Raising Hope. It was so much fun! We sorted though clothing donations to help those who are in the Foster System, and it was so much fun. We are going to help them out weekly.

With B who was baptized over Thanksgiving weekend
Reminds me of my kitty at home

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