Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 16

D and Mgot baptized on Saturday! We had another baptism too, a guy named R, who got baptized into the Hudson Ward. But we taught him for about 2-3 weeks before it, so we went to the baptism. It was awesome! D and M were a headquarter referral from their daughter. She was a convert and she told her missionaries to send in a referral for our area. We got the referral, and we went and found them. I firmly believe that D and M were two people who I needed to meet and teach. They are amazing.

D and M: I LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much!!

This picture is of the baptism of R. He was being taught by Sister Brown (Who was matching me in the picture) but when she left the area a few weeks ago, we taught him until he was baptized. So we got to go to his baptism as well.

My new companion Sister Handley is so sweet! She is from a little town in Utah.  It is a little weird to be in a trio because its harder to teach lessons. I feel like we don't get to talk as much because we have to make sure everyone gets to speak and teach. Sister T and I are still Sister Training Leaders though.

I'll give you a brief overview of last week:

I was sick last week, and I was just getting over it on Tuesday. Basically, I just had a head cold. I'm all better now. Sister T has been sick too, so we let her sleep during studies, and Sister H and I did companionship studies and weekly planning by ourselves. It was pretty good! I liked having the opportunity to be the senior companion, so to speak.

On Wednesday, we trained at Zone Conference! It was so cool. We got to stand up in front of two zones and teach about first impressions. I was really nervous for it, but apparently we did a good job. I am also training at District Meeting tomorrow!

We taught 5 lessons on Friday and also set 2 new baptismal dates. Then we went home and let Sister T sleep all night. Miraculously, almost all of our appointments that evening cancelled on us, so we were able to let her rest. I believe God had a hand in that. I got my Christmas package from Mom on Friday! We also met D and M's daughter.

On Saturday,  D, M, and R got baptized. On Sunday, they got confirmed at church. That was amazing! Then we went and taught lessons, tracted, and then watched the Christmas Devotional.
 It was a pretty good week. I feel like it was really crazy, especially because poor Sister T couldn't really work or function too well.   I did not take any pictures of me opening the package. BUT I loved it!!! I have all the presents under the tree, and all of the decorations are up. Thank you so much for my little box of Christmas.

With love,
Sister Minson

Taken at St. Petersburg District meeting about 2 weeks ago:

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