Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 18 {Merry Christmas!}

This past week was wonderful!
Our Mission Christmas party on the beach was last Tuesday!

Finding me is a little like playing "Where's Waldo?"

Fun on the beach!

Sand castle building

I have a lot of stories. I'll tell one, because it was hilarious and weird.

So on Saturday, we had a baptism for a little 8-year-old! It was awesome. After the baptism, we went down to Oldsmar, which is a town in the south-end of our area. We went to go see this Headquarter Referral. Why is it always the Headquarter referrals? She wasn't home. We tracted a little bit and while we were tracting, sister Tawzer talked about how she really needed new shoes. We said a prayer to know if we should stay or go, and we felt we should stay a little longer. So we went to this last building. We knocked on it, and then some lady opened the door, let us in, said she would come to church, and then she said, "do you need shoes? I have a warehouse full of shoes. Come with me, I'll give you some shoes." We weren't sure what to say, but we decided that since it was a teaching opportunity, and her daughters were going to meet us there, we could at least establish a good relationship with them. I mean, what were we going to do, say no? She probably would have never let us back if we said no.

So we went to her storage unit. And she opened it up, and I about died. There were stacks of shoe boxes. Stacks of them that went all the way to the ceiling. I got really excited for a little bit, but when she pulled out the first pair, my heart dropped to my toes. They were the ugliest pair of shoes I'd ever seen. AND. They were 6+ inches off the floor.

I don't know how people walk in heels, wedges, the like. Honestly. She pulled out box after box, insisting we take them. We finally just took a few boxes just cuz we coudln't say no, then we got out of there and went on to our next finding opportunity. It was a good experience because we got to meet her daughters, teach them a lesson, and set up a return appointment. But those shoes.

When we got home that night we pulled them out and tried them on again. Here are the fruits of our labors:

Yeah... I fell over. But who can blame me? They were gigantic! Anyway.

Please don't think when you read this that we go to people's storage units and get shoes. That is not at all what we do. We used this experience as a contacting opportunity to meet her daughters and teach them, as well as to establish a good relationship so we can teach them and they will trust us. As crazy of an experience as this was, it was good. It was important for us.

That's about all. Love you all! Merry Christmas!

Merry Missionaries!
We were tracting and some lady gave us cookies as a Christmas present!
Aiden's Baptism :)

With love,
Sister Minson

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