Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 67

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas everyone!

So on Monday we had Zone Activity Day, and it was super fun! We had a Thanksgiving dinner as a Zone. Thursday was super fun, obviously.We went to a family's house for Thanksgiving lunch, and I learned how to fry a turkey. Man, it was so tasty. So you buy a turkey deep-fryer. Then you fry your turkey! Peanut oil, 350 degrees, about 3 minutes or so per pound of turkey. He did a 12 lb one, and it took about 40 minutes. It was so good!!! Yum. YouTube it if you have questions. It's a southern thing, but a delicious thing.  We then did some street contacting (no one was out), then went to dinner with the W'ss family! I love them so much. They are great. And the food was good, too! :)

My Zone at Zone Activity Day

Thanksgiving Day with the W's and the Q's
On Friday the Christmas video, #LIGHTtheWORLD came out. THIS is what I want to talk about.
Step 1- visit to view the #LIGHTtheWORLD video. The video is about how we can be lights of the world, just like Jesus Christ was, through service and our example. It invites you to serve
someone every day, for the 25 days until Christmas.
Step 2- watch the Day 1 video on and make plans to kick off the service on December 1st.
Step 3- every day, sign on to and watch the day's video. Complete one of the suggested ways to get involved and serve others as Christ does.
Step 4- feel the true spirit of Christmas. :)

Saturday we had an exchange. It was way fun. One cool experience I had was we went to the store, and when we went through the registers (I bought a kit kat), I talked to the two women at the register. One was bagging, the other ringing. But I asked if they've ever done a 12 days of Christmas thing before, then I told them about the 25 ways, 25 days thing. We gave them both cards for the video, and they were excited! We also had a lesson with a part member family, and we invited them to read the Book of Mormon together every day. It was awesome.

B was baptized this week! It took place out of town though, so we didn't get any pictures, but we will this week when we meet with her. We also taught a lesson with a part member family, and we invited them to read the Book of Mormon together every day. It was awesome. We also taught the Q's one last lesson before they move. I will miss them. I was glad to be a part of reactivating them! We taught another investigator we have- N. She is R's friend, and we taught her the Plan of Salvation.  Sunday at church, a young woman brought her friend! It was super cool.

Christmas is the best time of year to be a missionary. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and it is through him that we can receive forgiveness from our sins. My favorite scripture this week is Alma 42:22-25.

Sister Minson

PS- I've been counting creepy Santas since Friday. 15 so far! I love
this time of year.

Had a great photo shoot at the Night in Bethlehem set:

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