Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 64

I can't believe it is already November!

A lot of things happened this week that were really awesome!

We are helping B, a 9-year old from a part-member family, to get baptized over Thanksgiving weekend. Our first appointment with her is tonight! I am excited to have those lessons to look forward to! We went to a baptism on Sunday for an 8 year old in the ward. Some of their neighbors came, and we talked to them! They said they would like for us to come by and talk a little more, which is really cool. yay!

Elder Klebingat from the Seventy came and visited our mission this weekend. We had a couple of different meetings. In the one on Friday night, he taught us about effective leadership and also about humility and exact obedience. It was really good. Then on Saturday he taught us some more about the scriptures, and then he talked more about exact obedience. Elder Klebingat is very familiar with the scriptures and remembers a lot of scripture references, and he used them for the training he gave us both days. At the end of the training, he taught us how he remembered the references and encouraged us to work on memorizing scriptures. He taught us some techniques to try, which were really cool! I will be working on those so I can memorize more scripture references. 

 This was our Missionary Leadership Council that we had with Elder Klebingat. He is in the back row, right in front of the Temple picture.

This upcoming week, we are going to help set up for the Night In Bethlehem activity that our stake puts on every year, and then we will go on an exchange! It will be awesome.

 We found this little cat while we were out, and she was so cute! Sister Porter fell in love with her, as you can see. We named her Tiger. She likes the scriptures, and she also caught a lizard! She followed us around for a little bit.

 The Book of Mormon is the Keystone of our religion. So when we found this sign, we HAD to stop and take a picture by it!

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