Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 22

Hey all! Here are a few fun stories from this past week:

A fun thing that happened: The one on the forefront of my mind is yesterday. We went to church, which was great. They had a North America South-East Regional Conference. It includes all of the stakes from 14 different states. We were able to hear from some of the Apostles and other leaders of our church and it was pretty good. I learned a lot about what I want to do with my future family years from now. After church we went into the relief society room and we had a music-therapy session. It was the best!! My favorite part was when one of the sisters had the sheet music for Come Unto Christ, which is one of my favorite songs. She played it and I got to sing along. I wrote in my journal about it "you can't express what music does." It is true. I loved singing so much. It was very helpful and therapeutic.

Last night I got a call from a missionary asking if me and Sister Briggs (my MTC companion) wanted to sing at a Zone Conference on Wednesday. I was really excited about it. We are going to sing Jesus Lover of my Soul, hymn 102. Sister Briggs and I sang that song at the MTC a while ago. I am really looking forward to getting to use my talents again. I miss singing. I am so excited to sing on Wednesday!

Something crazy that happened: Bird poop. We were walking and all of the sudden a 3 things fell from the sky around us. We looked around, and looked up, and we saw birds flying overhead. They pooped on us! And it seriously landed around us but we weren't hit. Miracle of the week! Haha:)

Something cool that happened: Carmelitas. They are the most amazing things I've ever had in my life. Goodness gracious. A member made this dessert on Sunday, and we got the recipe and made it last week. MMMM, They were amazing. I will find out the recipe/website to get the recipe and I'll send it to you. They are to die for.

Another crazy thing that happened:
Last night, around 3 am, our weather radar went off. It said that there was a tornado warning in our county and 65 mph winds. We were kind of scared but whats the likelihood of a tornado actually touching down in Florida? We live on the third floor, so we figured that we'd just go back to sleep and then if a tornado blew through our apartment we would be woken up by the roof coming off. It was great.  Nothing happened, how boring. :)

We play this game where when we see 10 couches we can go get ice cream. So we were at 9, and we heard an ice cream truck in the neighborhood. We NEEDED to find another couch so we could get Ice Cream!! While we tracted we searched for a couch. Finally, we looked way out in the distance and we saw another couch!! We tracted up to it, and then we took a picture with it. We were so happy we found the 10th couch.

Caroline went out with us Sunday night. She gave a Book of Mormon away! It was amazing to see her do that. She is the cutest thing and we loved getting to go tracting with her.

The young women made us dinner. It was the cutest thing!

District meeting last week:

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