Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 21


SO! I am training! I am a little overwhelmed by this prospect, but I am really excited for her. My companion's name is Sister Macfarlane. She is from Alabama and she is so cool! She has a lot of energy and is really enthusiastic about the work. Also, she is already an amazing teacher! I don't really have to train her, which is nice. I'm basically just showing her how to do things. Training is going really well. I love her so much! She is so courageous while we are teaching, tracting, and the like. She also really loves Role Plays. She is seriously so awesome. We role-play something once, and she does amazing. Then she does it in real life with no added problems or difficulties. She truly was born to be a missionary.

My week was crazy. on Monday, we dropped Sister Tawzer off at the Mission Office so she could leave. She went home. ACK! She is doing very well though. We also got the transfer email, in which I found out I was training. Tuesday we went to the Mission Office for district meeting, Sister Handley got her new companion, then I went to the trainer meeting. I called it a "trainer training" in my notes. It was a great meeting because I really felt calmer after I was able to talk about what I would be training on with other trainers. It was a great experience. We also proselyted for 2 hours, and we taught 7 lessons. That was a tender mercy. It's kind of funny, I've discovered that the best way to relieve stress is to go work! I really do love missionary work. It is relaxing for me. That night we went to the hotel that the new missionaries were staying at and we went to bed. On Wednesday we went to the Mission Office for the rest of the day. About 2 hours into the meeting, President Cusick assigned us our trainees! It was so cute because he called up one new missionary at a time, and every time he called one up I felt a little bit of anxiety. Then he called up Sister Macfarlane, and I felt really happy and peaceful. And then he said "You're with Sister Minson." It was really cool. She is so cute! We sat together for the rest of the time, and I helped her get her iPad set up, get her driver stuff together, and get all of the other things she needed. Thursday was a normal proselyting day, but Friday I had a Leadership training meeting I had to go to, so we went to that for 6 hours. We brought a banana there for breakfast, on the drive home we got fries, and then we were finding in an area that smelled like cigarettes. So by the end of the night our car smelled like smoky banana fries. What a weird combo.  Saturday and Sunday were normal days, and we taught so many cool people! 

It was an amazing week. I saw a miracle every day, and I feel my confidence growing in my ability to be a trainer. I really really love being a missionary.

Last District meeting with Sister Tawzer

Me with Sister Cusick (Mission President's wife) on Transfer Day

Sister Handley's new companion, Sister Olson
Meeting my new greenie, Sister MacFarlane!
At Training meeting for the new greenies

At Missionary Leadership Council on Friday

Me and Sis MacFarlane!

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