Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 7

Watching General Conference!

This weekend we got to watch all the sessions of conference. On Saturday, we watched the morning session at the Delucas( They're converts, and an amazing couple), and the Afternoon session at the Clawsons (It felt like I was home because there were kids messing around and talking and distracting, etc. Lol). Sunday we watched the morning session at Bishop Patera's house (His wife made us waffles for breakfast) and the afternoon session was at the Glaus' house (Debbie and Matt came to that one and watched it with us! Sister Glaus made us Lasagna for dinner. It was delicious). 

Now for Investigators:
So one of our investigators now is dropped. She went to the hospital because she's not mentally sound and she OD'd on drugs again. So she's going to rehab, and we won't see her for a while. But we did get 2 new date sets! So I have 4 now. D and M, L, and W. L is a 9 year old kid who's mom is a recent convert, and I think I told you guys about W. She has a lot of trouble with her daughter, and is basically taking care of her two grandkids. 
K, one of our investigators who is struggling with pain and helplessness, got a priesthood blessing on Tuesday. We haven't been able to follow up with her yet because she's been sleeping the past week. Goodness. She's really sweet though. She wants us to start a garden for her!

We got flu shots last week! So I won't be getting sick this winter. Yay!
Speaking of winter... Its cooling off here! We walked outside one morning and I actually needed a cardigan! What is life. 

Funny story: we went to a recent converts, who gave us cookies and milk. The milk tasted really off, so I only had like 3 sips of it. Then we discovered it was spoiled! Sister Dalley drank half of her glass. And I was the one with stomach issues the next day! Ugh. So I ate hardly anything and had to take it easy the day after. At least I didn't get the flu, right? ;P

Real quick: I have a strong testimony of personal revelation. I went to general conference with a question, and it was answered in the best way possible. I know that when we have questions or concerns, we need to ask God. When you pray and ask God, he will answer you. Just like Joseph Smith, we can receive answers to our questions through scripture study and prayer. I know it! 

Well, times up. Gotta sign off. And if you want to come and see me in Florida? Too bad. :/ You're not allowed to come see me, because it distracts me from my mission. Also, it is one of our mission's rules. Sorry. But we can converse via emails on Monday! So that's good.

Have a good one, everyone!

With love,
Sister Minson

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