Friday, October 2, 2015

September pictures!

Finally much awaited pictures! Here's a brief story of each one. 

  First sunburn, only one so far.

A sunset to rival AZ! The trees are weird here.

Tiny, the stray cat who went tracting with us one day.

Me!  Selfie.

A dead bug we found on the sidewalk. Just so you can see how freaking big they get here!

A street in the neighborhood off of highway 19 and 54.  I took this picture and then not 5 minutes later it was pouring.  Sister Dalley forgot her umbrella, poor girl.

Sister Dalley and I before it started raining.

Some of the diverse trees they've got here.

Me, cuz you need pics of me.

Patricia and me. She's sweet.

Princess, she's another stray who went tracting with us for a couple of houses. She had blue eyes, such a sweetheart.

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