Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 80

Hello! It is so good to email all of you. This week was a pretty good week! It was the fastest week ever, let me tell you. We did a lot of fun things, though!

 I am coming up on my last week in the mission field-- next Tuesday I am being released as a full-time missionary. So fair warning, apparently I'm sending a final email next week. It is so bizarre to me to think that my mission is already almost over! But I've still got a week left, so you better believe I am going to work hard.

We had Zone Conference on Thursday, and we talked about repentance. It was a great lesson for me! And we also had an exchange! Sister Gustafson came with me, and we had a blast together. I love being her exchange-companion. It's good.  On Friday we had service at Feeding Tampa Bay, and we were working with a TON of volunteers from Home Depot. It was cool! I'll attach a picture.

We are finding some new people here in YSA, and it is really fun to teach them. We are teaching a man named Rwho has a lot of faith and really wants to learn more. It is so amazing to see the Spirit work inside him as he hears the gospel. He came to church yesterday! We are also working with a man named L. He is gone on trips frequently, though, so it's slow going with him. But we meet new people every day! There's never a dull moment in the YSA.

Oh, the story behind the title. Sister Graham had a sore neck for a couple days, so I made her a rice pack in a sock. BUT, the sock had a hole in it (that I covered with tape because I'm a problem solver). SO when sister Graham went to go heat up her rice pack, she decided that she wanted it in the OTHER sock, without the hole. She pulled out the sock and began the tricky transfer from one sock to the other. About halfway through, she pulls the hole-y rice sock out of the whole-y rice sock, and the remainder of the rice pours onto the carpet. How fun! She died on the floor because she was laughing so hard. We got the vacuum, and tried to vacuum it up. But our vacuum hadn't been cleaned in about 9.2 years, so instead of removing the rice and eliminating the problem, it instead distributed the rice around our room. 😑 So we've been picking up rice by hand and disposing of it the old fashioned way. Yay for rice socks! Anyways.

I know God loves you all, and you are so important to Him!

Have a great week!

Sister Minson

Car inspections at Zone conference

Brandon Zone at zone conference

Yummy lunch served by the Relief Society sisters

My district
Fun photo shoot!
Me and Sister Graham by the brick wall

Me, Sister Graham, Hermana Whitlock, Sister Alder, Sister Suman,
and Sister House. This is the Ark riders... we all share the car. It's
so fun, though!

Service at Feeding Tampa Bay

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