Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 47

I would like to share a few cool experiences this week: (If you get grossed out easily, you might want to skip the middle paragraph)

On Tuesday we were parking lot contacting in a Publix parking lot, and we walked by a woman who just got in her car. I heard the ignition click, but it didn't catch. She got out of the car and popped her hood. There was a guy walking by, so I asked him if he had jumper cables in his car. He did! We went over to her and he offered to help. She declined, saying she just needed to hit something under the hood, and then it would work fine. So she did, and it started! The guy left, but I thanked him for being willing to help. Then we went and offered to pray with her. She said she would love to! We prayed for her son who was fighting an illness, and afterwards she asked us where our church was so she could visit it. She lives out of our area, it turns out, so if she calls us, we'll refer her to the Palm Harbor missionaries. But it was an awesome experience!

Thursday was the craziest of all crazies. We taught some interesting people that day, but that evening, disaster struck. We were walking down a sidewalk and I walked into something hanging in a tree. I thought it was a bug so I was swatting at my head and wiping away. Sister Hunt tried to tell me not to, but I was kind of panicking. I didn't want a spider in my hair! When I stopped (after a few seconds), Sister Hunt told me I just wiped green bird poop into my hair and forehead. Gross! It was hanging on a spiderweb for an unsuspecting missionary like me to walk through. We went back to the car and washed it off with water bottles and hand sanitizer. That night I washed my hair... very thoroughly. It was so gross! On a different note, we met a woman who was very open and said we could come back and learn more! We are going to see her tonight.

Friday we ate food. We had a lunch with a Part Member family. We taught them about family history. There was a big thunderstorm today. It didn't rain and the lightning didn't get close, so we kept proselyting. But the thunder was so loud! It boomed and banged and crashed and rolled. It made me jump a few times. We ate dinner (PB and J), and then we went to a lesson with the Q's. Sister Q made us empanadas and quesillo. It was so yummy, and I was really full afterwards. We went to a member's house after that for a lesson and they made us Strawberry Shortcake. We had to get going, so we brought it to go, but I was so full by the end of the day.
This is my favorite kind of palm tree that Florida has to offer. Especially when it is orange on the tips.

My hair is getting long!
I have had so many fun, interesting, weird experiences on my mission, but bird poop is horrible.

Hope you all have a great, interesting week!

With love,
Sister Minson

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