Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 24

There is no pancake that is too big for your Heavenly Father to flip!! Some of the sisters in our area found a book that says that. I think it is hilarious.

Last week, Monday through Wednesday were normal days, not much to report. It was rainy on Wednesday so we went and tracted. We had fun with Karsen, one of the youth in our ward. We also found a family! I am so excited to teach them. They moved here recently and are looking for a church to go to! Thursday through Sunday were sick days, because Sister Macfarlane was sick, so we were indoors. We played cards, watched Mormon messages, read scriptures, and did a lot of talking.

Today we are going to the sponge docks, which is the world's #1 sponge harvesting location. It is a cute little dock-like place that has boats on sides, and lots of little shops and stores. There are sponges everywhere.

I feel like I am learning so much from this whole experience. I am being trained in so many different aspects of my life and I don't really know how to separate one life lesson from another.  This week was kind of boring, I know.  But I am looking forward to a great week. The work is kind of slow, but I know that it is going to pick up as we continue working. I have faith that God will place people in my path that I can help progress towards baptism.

Today for studies I read a scripture that says "and now, as ye have begun to teach the word even so I would that ye should continue to teach; and I would that ye would be diligent and temperate in all things."  I have begun to teach the word, and now I will continue to teach! I have been on my mission for almost 6 months, and I am looking forward to continuing to cry repentance and baptize converts. I love missionary work! 

With love,
Sister Minson

At interviews with President last week

Role playing
A cool mosaic mural on Tarpon Avenue

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